As part of its advocacy for Latinx students & English Language Learners, MASBA is a champion for equity in our Texas public schools. Here are some resources for those interested in learning more about the equity issues in our public schools.

Wikipedia page on Educational Equity

Definitions of Equity

2016 NSBA Research Brief on Educational Equity 

U.S. Department of Education “Equity of Opportunity”

OECD Policy Brief: 10 Steps to Education Equity

Key Research Informing the National Equity Project

Education Pioneers Strategies for Advancing Racial Equity in Public Education

“For Each & Every Child: A Strategy for Education Equity & Excellence”

“Equity is Not an Option in Public Education”

Equity & Equality in Multicultural Learning

Aspen Institute & CCSSO Report “Leading for Equity”

Urban Teachers Recommended Readings & Videos on Equity

Learning Policy Institute Blog on the Deferred Dream of Equity

NCSL Principle of Equity in Early Education

2017 Education Week Commentary on the Educational Equity Problem

Natalie Nielsen Article on Education & Equity