As part of its advocacy for Latinx students & English Language Learners, MASBA champions the closing of opportunity & achievement gaps. Here are some resources for those willing to “roll up their sleeves” and help tackle the opportunity & achievement gaps that persist in our society and in our schools!

Definition of Opportunity Gap

Schott Foundation Opportunity Gap Talking Points

Schott Foundation Opportunity Gap Toolkit 

Stanford Policy Recommendations for Closing Opportunity Gaps

NCSL LegisBrief on Closing the Opportunity Gap

NCSL Guide on ESSA Policy Options to Close the Opportunity Gap

Definition of Achievement Gap

The Debate on Standardized Testing & High-stakes Tests 

NEA Discussion Guide on Identifying Achievement Gaps

NEA Discussion Guide on Factors Leading to Achievement Gaps 

NEA Discussion Guide on Stakeholders’ Responsibilities for Closing Gaps

NEA Discussion Guide on Stakeholders’ Actions for Closing Gaps

NEA Strategies for Closing Achievement Gaps

ThinkCERCA Blog on How Teachers Can Help Close the Achievement Gap

CAP Study on the Effect of High-quality, Universal Pre-K on Closing Gaps